“Dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of natural lands for the benefit of native biological diversity, science and education, and public enjoyment.“

Founded in 1992

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Note: From 1992-2018, Keweenaw Natural Areas (KNA) was known at the North Woods Conservancy (NWC).

The name was changed to more accurately represent

our location and mission.     

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On March 31, 2021 KNA raised the dollars needed to protect GRATIOT RIVER SOUTH in perpetuity. GRS contains 226.3 acres, 3,180’ of Lake Superior shoreline, and 3,010’ of the Gratiot River. Every dollar was QUINTUPLED by grants and partnerships! THANK YOU to our donors!

For those familiar with the TML project, GRS is the coastal portion of TML. Gratiot River Falls (320 acres with 4,892’ of the Gratiot) is the remainder interior portion of TML; current fundraising is for the Falls.

This the last and keystone piece that will complete the Gratiot River Conservation Area, the culmination of 30-year effort to create this public-access Megapark with a grand total of 1,368 acres, 2.6 miles of lakeshore, and 3.4 miles of the Gratiot River. Look at this!

All KNA member-donors, past and present, should take GREAT PRIDE in this map, as KNA owns or wrote & administered the grants for all of the properties except Black Creek. Congratulations!

Now let’s get this done!  Any and all donations gratefully accepted. 
We know these are tough Covid times.  If you aren’t able to donate, PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD.  Thanks and Congrats!

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