KNA Seven Mile Point


No lifeguard on duty: SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Don’t forget to take the Nature Trail! It starts on the back side of the parking lot. Lots of wetland and bog flowers. Blueberries too.

Please respect our neighbors and stay on KNA property.

The property lines are marked at the tree line on the beach, as well as with a rope strung from the tree line to a bucket at the shore. Beach access only on KNA shoreline; do not go north or south along the beach.

Annual memberships (sustainers are members, STAR members!) include a car sticker for SMP entry).  All memberships and other donations are used to pay the mortgage for this beautiful property. Members may pick up their car stickers at the Nature Center or at Seven Mile Point during open hours.

As previously stated, we need the equivalent of 500 $10/month monthly sustainer donations in order to hold on to this priceless property.  Join Us today!

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Directions to SMP at bottom of page.

DIRECTIONS From US41 or M26, follow Five Mile Point Road (7.0 miles from Ahmeek, 4.8 miles from Eagle River) and turn west on Sunset Bay Road. After 0.8 miles (at the Sunset Bay Campground entrance), turn left on Seven Mile Point Road and proceed 1.2 miles to the SMP gate. The parking area is located about 300 yards beyond the gate. Please be aware that both Sunset Bay Road and SMP Road are private roads. Please drive to SMP only during open hours (Sat and Sun, Noon - Sunset). Please drive slowly, and be especially cautious around and courteous to the 23 lot owners who have granted the NWC permission to use these roads.  See also the large map on the Trailhead page.

HOURS AND RULES  Open weekends and holidays noon to sunset, May 15 to October 15 (provided a host is present). Closed at all other times.  Why?  See FAQNo User Fee, but donations strongly encouraged. All NWC memberships/donations (starting at $35) include SMP car sticker.  Fishing permitted.  Fires, camping, hunting, trapping, and motor vehicles (except on the entry road) are prohibited.  Beach and trails are for foot traffic only. Dogs allowed on the sand beach/Northeast side of the Point. Friendly dogs only!  Please respect our neighbors and stay on KNA property; beach access is restricted to KNA property only (per agreement with neighbors/access over a private entry road).  There are boundary signs at the treeline.  KNA owns about 1,000’ of sand beach (northeast side) and the bedrock point itself, but only about 250’ of cobble beach (west/southwest side).

SAVE THIS BEACH!  Be one of the KNA 500!

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$5-$15/month & other options

Or simply mail a check, $150 suggested (any amount much appreciated), to KNA, PO Box 124, Calumet, MI 49913.  Thank you in advance!

Seven Mile Point Beach: a magical place on the north shore of the Keweenaw comprised of 32 acres and nearly 2,000’ of gorgeous Lake Superior shoreline, including sand and cobble beach, and the 1.1 billion year old bedrock point itself.  “Locals” include eagles, wolves, loons, snowshoe hares, and a beaver named Stephanie.  It’s the perfect place for swimming, agate picking, fishing, sunbathing, and sunsets, and watching wildlife.

In 2001, SMP was about to be sold, subdivided, developed, and forever put off limits to the public.  In response, the KNA managed to raise a big down payment, get a grant, and convince several people to co-sign a short term loan to cover the purchase until the grant funds came in.  Then the grant was cancelled, and after much thought, the the KNA Board and Membership decided to convert the short term loan into a mortgage (the mortgage also includes the GRNP interim ownership debt).  So there we were:  big mortgage, all volunteers, no income.  What to do?  Monthly Sustainers.  The only way this works is for 500 people to donate $10/month (or $120/year in a lump sum) to cover the mortgage until other grants or funds are identified to retire the debt.  YOU can help in this effort by becoming one of the 500 Monthly Sustainers.  It’s simple math:  if enough people chip in, the mortgage is serviced, and we pay off SMP over time. If not enough people chip in, KNA will have to sell part or all of SMP to retire the debt.  We are not a large organization.  We have no corporate ties.  It’s just us. 

Ten or fifteen bucks a month. If we all do a little, together we can accomplish a lot. It’s fast and easy to donate - just click on any of the three buttons pictured above or follow this link to print out a membership form and mail it in.

$120 lump sum